Gillian Darkwatch 2016

Gillian Darkwatch 2016

Oct. 14, 2015

Caught between busy activities on a pretty October day, Gillian Darkwatch meets Journaliste Blue Ronsein by the pond behind the House of Samois. 

After giving Gillian the usual interview disclaimers and trying to sit comfortably in their corsets (today is “Lingerie Day”), Blue begins the interview.

"Question 1: When did you get started here at Roissy Val duOise and how did it happen?”

“I came to Roissy in June 2012,”  Gillian responded, quickly, “I was in a long term relationship with a guy here in sl, he was going on holiday for 3 weeks in rl and dropped me off here to keep me busy” ..smiles.. "I loved it so much I stayed.”

“Okay, so, here’s a question – what is it like being a Courtisan at at polyamorous sim like Roissy Val d'Oise?”

Gillian looks up, “mmmm”

“Take your time.”

"At times it's lonely and I don't get to know the Doms that well... but I love Max very much and wouldn't trade it for the world.." smiles

“Okay, totally get that,.” says Blue as she thumbs the pages, “Third question ... What has changed here since you started that you like most-- and what still needs to change, in your opinion?"

“I love that they introduced the Deb path, when i started here we only had the Dem path and i must admit i was a bit lost.” Gillian continues, “The tasks were a lot less and we didn't have sister mentors -- only our own personal Maitre ... “ she smiles.. “i eventually found the right one after the third try. Roissy has improved in leaps and bounds since i started here.

After a thoughtful pause, Gillian adds, “I think we are pretty near perfect and not much needs to be changed.. even the sisters are staying and getting more involved here.”

“All right, good ...” *smiles*  “Here's a question I ask everyone: Without crossing your own RL boundaries, tell us what you can about the real YOU.

”Gillian nods..smiles, “well ... I love cats i have 5 of my own plus a stray .. I work half days for a vet ... I’m from South Africa. i love pottering in the garden ..roses are my fav flower.” Blue grins at that. “I love chocolate,” she laughs.

“Yay! You and annie are the chocoholics.”

Gillian grins “and good coffee”

She continues,  “oh for sure lol. I've been in sl for 9 years ..." laughs

“I think i'm addicted. i started in 2006. I'm close to the european timezone and we don't have daylight saving here. I'm 9 hours ahead of slt and in your winter when your time zone changes i'm 10 hours ahead.”

“Okay, good. Let’s move to the next question. You were focused on hosting for a long while.Right? What's the hardest thing about being a good host?

“Getting a quiet crowd to talk and to get them out of IM's. I host at Frank's and most are in IM there..” she smiles, “so it gets pretty boring as well sometimes."
”Blue follows up, “How do you do it?”
“I'll try and tell a joke .. ask how everyone's day has been .... chat to the regulars that gets the convo going and there have been some really funny ones ....” smiles, “I love the ebb and flow of a conversation where it starts and where it ends up.”

“Okay... anything else about the joys of hosting?”

Gillian smiles “.. just a love of meeting people of getting to know them .. and it's really great always seeing the same ones stay loyal to a club.”

“You seem to be very people-centered.”

“Yes, I think I am.” 

Blue shifts to another question. “Here's an easy one, I think. In your opinion, should we ever have the Valet role, from the book/film, here? I think some O sims do have it” She pauses, then adds, “knowing it's up to Maitre René of course.”

“I think the simpler you keep the roles the better it is .. i've only ever been at Roissy here and not played at other Roissy sims. I’m thinking that a valet would be another form of mentor and i think having the girls mentor the debs and dems works and keeps them busy on the sim ... so my answer would be no to a role of valet here.”

“Okay, makes sense.” Blue checks her notes, “Final question *smiles*

"okay ..” she smiles, “that went quickly.”

“In your experience, what other ideas can Roissy do to keep and inspire its best people -- specifically the senior people-- even though we have addressed this well lately .. anything else that you have considered?”

Gillian answers, “Quite a few things ... i've involved the sisters more.... rp here is something that needs to be improved on i think people become too task orientated sometimes and they lose sight of the joy and sheer pleasure of just having a spur of the moment scene that is something i'd like to work on“

"I SO agree with you on that!”

Gillian goes on, “I'd like to see people outside of VdO come in as guest speakers...I'd like to find an erotic story teller we've had that before and i think it was a huge hit ... but most of all I love that everyone pulls together and does their bit for the sim no matter how small we can't all contribute due to time constraints but each and everyone does here. And there are other things still being discussed.”  She summarizes, “I want people to have fun on the sim.”

“All right. So-- anything else you'd like to add or talk about as a conclusion?”

“mmm ...,” Gillian thinks about that and answers, “well i think things are a lot less stressful on the sim .. people are communicating better..I have a wonderful and amazing team of Assistants .. we work together extremely well, Maitre Rene is amazing -- he's had a dream went with it and if it wasn't for that we wouldn't all know each other or even have met.  I'd like to commend Maitre JC for his hard work here .. his dedication to the sim , and to Juliette also she does a lot here ... each and every person is important to this sim we are what makes it work and tick so smoothly, we make it a community and are a family here and that is what i love about VdO and why i've always stayed here but non of this would have been possible without Maitre Rene....I'd like to thank each and every person here for their contribution and involvement in the sim.”

Blue Ronsein smiles and finishes her notes, looks up, "Thanks so much Gillian. "

“You're very welcome Blue .. Thanks for your patience in pinning me down!” 

They both smile, hug each other, and scurry across the sim just in time to catch the new concert singer at the Chateau Garden.


Blue Ronsein

Roissy Journaliste


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