Taylor Smitty 2015

Taylor Smitty 2015

February 12 2015

Interview with Master Taylor Smitty

Blue: Master Taylor, when did you get started here at Roissy Val duOise and how did it happen?

Master Taylor:   It was about 8 or 9 months ago. I was RPing at a Fantasy D/s based business office called Working Girls. It was great backstory, but alts came into play, and it spoiled it for me. I saw this in one of the girl’s profile and came by. The people were friendly here; the information in the notecards was intriguing, and for the first time in a long while I could be myself, instead of some character.

Blue: Hmmh, so you find places from peoples' profiles, nice ...

Master Taylor:   I have done that, yes. I am a hopeless profile perver.

Blue: Okay, talk about now. After being here and all, what you appreciate most here. Least?

Master Taylor:   I appreciate that the people are friendly, and seem to be possibly a touch older and more mature. Not all, but it seems most are. I appreciate the training that is given, which in turn allows everyone to care for each other. OK, the least, hmm let me see.

One things is the bleed over that some people bring here from Gor. I do not like very much about Gor. I least appreciate that there have been times that I didn't feel everyone was being dealt from the same deck. Having said that, lets make it clear that some people do excel faster than others.

Blue: Can you elaborate a bit on that? What do you mean by "bleed over from Gor?"

Master Taylor:   Well just the whole slave girl thing as opposed to girls being submissives. As we know, submissives can make choices and can express thier thoughts , use their intelligence. And I hate the "I am God of ALL", so-called Masters’ attitudes. I understand it plays well when going by the books of Gor but is irrelevent to the BDSM lifestyle.

Blue: Okay, I understand now. Thanks. Makes sense. So.. another question:

Without crossing your own RL boundaries, tell us what you can about the real you."

Master Taylor:   I am a middle aged, Southern man who was raised in church, taught that men were meant to be the leaders and girls were to be treated with respect. I like harmony and despise people who cause trouble. I am a problem solving type using negotiation tactics. I love pretty , feminine, submissive girls. I will answer pretty much anything about my RL.

Blue: Here's another question – can polyamory work? Does jealousy creep in? How do you deal with polyamory, with an eye on mitigating some of its negatives ...?

Master Taylor:   Poly can work, yes. And yes, jealousy does creep in, but you should not take on a poly lifestyle if you can't keep a handle on it. The way I handle it is by being totally honest all up front. I can have intimate relationships with several girls, if both they and I know the score ahead of time. I have seen a favored girl of mine sceneing with another Dom and felt that twinge of jealousy, but who am I to dare say anything to her about that when I share time with others as well.

When a girl is with me, she gets my full attention, she is speceal to me and I treat her as such.

Blue: In your opinion, should we ever have the Valet role, from the book/film, here?

Master Taylor:   Honestly, Blue, I think the structure is fine just the way it is. We do after all base our sim loosely on "The Story of O." I just don't see that it would bring much to the table. I know that I would not want to play that role.

Blue: Have you ever pushed (been pushed) to the point of Yellow or Red? Tell us about that.

Master Taylor:   I do not allow anything to go in my ass....and.. I had a girl who emoted something to the effect she was going to stick her finger in my ass. I went mentally from green to red in two seconds flat. Now, I did not call a color but did imeadiately emote that I grabbed her wrist and told her to never try that again. It actually made for good RP.

Blue: So – an experience where a Master is the one who calls "no." That's good to hear that, for our younger members to realize. ...

Master Taylor:   Yes, I/we RPed it out.

Blue: One final question before I rudely pry again into your RL ... in your experience, what can Roissy do better to keep and inspire its best people? I'm thinking specifically about the senior people -- after they have finished their tasks and graduate.

Master Taylor:   You know that is a fabulous question and really hard for me to answer, since I am yet to finish my Maitre path. Hmmmmm........Maybe allow them to hold different events or contribute in other ways, have input on things, let them guide the others, the mentoring program will be great. And actually is , I was assigned a Debutante the other day. I will be her Mentor, and I am excited about it.

Blue: Okay, just wrap up ... can you tell us any of your hobbies, interests, talents... that can round out the real Master Taylor Smitty?

Master Taylor:   Play way too much golf, love sports, have a huge network of friends, and spend way to much on clothing and toys in SL I have played guitar and other instruments since I was very small. Oh, my son was on the radio just the other day – he plays, sings, and writes all the songs for his band. I am very proud. But really, I am just a very laid back guy who comes to SL for fun.  I say if your SL ain't fun, go somewhere else or quit logging on.

Blue: Well, it is so nice of you to give this interview, Master Taylor.

Thank you very much!

Master Taylor:   Was my pleasure Blue.

Blue Ronsein

Roissy Journaliste


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