I AM The Killer Queen by Petra Steele

I AM The Killer Queen
                             by Maitresse Petra Steele

Like electrons rushing to collide
when we met
something undead in me died.

Like the fisson of two atoms
earth and sky lit up around us
 vows to never let
such passion go to dust
amid contradictions, indecisions

words spoken with heat
only to grow into moods of
indifference, making me weak

Sorrow came too soon
Hardly did the joy last
Always something to
light a fire blast
Destroying me destroying you.

Forever said  too often
for what we got in the end
You wanted to keep playing
 I would  die than stay to pretend

in the end we were not
who we thought the other was
Instead of a match for love
Lies and betrayal were lobbed
like so many tennis balls on a court
each one striking a vital spot
Killing off what had been imagined

loving no more nor  again
The death of fantasies twinned
Can be a kind of freedom
To know the coldest truth
What we are, what we've been
You're no Rock Star
I AM the Killer Queen


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