Airen's Demoiselle Initiation

Airen's Demoiselle Initiation

Who:                                     Airen (airen28 Resident)
When:                                    31 May 2017
Where:                                  Chateau Library
Master of Ceremonies        Stoney Carolina
Protector                              Mako Quixote
Participating Dominant      Dom (DomTrifone Resident)
Mentoring Sister                  Annie Weirman


The Samois door closes gently as Debutante Airen and her mentor Annie walk to the front gate, awaiting the Protector and Airen's turn to face the dominants and prove her worthiness to become a Demoiselle at Roissy Val d'Oise.

In the Chateau, a large crowd, dressed in gowns and formalwear gathers as Master Stoney provides last minute instructiions about decorum and procedures for Airen's important ceremony. When the crowd settles and the clock strikes 9 PM, Stoney speaks solemnly.

"Mako, please go pick the initiate up from Samois and take her to the tower as her Protector, to which Sir Mako responds, "of course, Stoney.  I'll be right back"  ... standing, and heading out.

After a short period and a limo ride to procure the girl, Mako re-enters and proclaims, "the girl is properly delivered to the tower, Stoney."

"Annie, please bring your mentee here from the Tower to start the ceremony

"yes, my Master." She slowly rises to her feet and looks to Him with a smile as i make my way from the room. She leaves the Chateau and climbs the steps in the tower, finding Airen nervously awaiting. Annie turns and looks at her mentee and smiles bright, giving her a tight hug, Whispers, "this is your night, airen. Concentrate on your dom and give them everything you have."

Airen answer Annie, "yes I promise." and Annie leads airen into the room as the family takes her in, Annie ooints to the cushion and tells her, "please take the cushion in front of Master Stoney and follow all instructions" and she re-takes her own cushion and looks up to her Master.

Stoney turns to the gathering, "Welcome to everyone and thank you for joining us for this initiation event today, We are glad to have each of you join us for this special occasion. "airen. Please kneel on the cushion before me."

Airen blinks and look for Master Stoney and kneels before him.


The Challenge

He continues "We are gathered here today to observe the initiation of one of our own, a debutante that I hope most of you have met, a very intelligent girl, who is here to willingly commit herself to service for the community."  He smiles at our lovely initiate before me, looks down on airen, watching closely as you kneel before me, "Are you ready to start the ceremony?"

"Yes Master I am ready"

"airen, "Remove your clothing and reveal to the community all that you offer us" and she gulps , "yes I will willingly." and Master Stoney watches as the lovely deb exposes her body to the room and admires the gentle curves of airen's body as it is revealed to all gathered, observing "You were brought from Samois by your mentor today and by your own desire you have come here to be seen and to be initiated to serve all the Dominants of the Chateau. Are you here of your own free will and willing to embark upon this new exciting path? In the novel of the 'Story of O', as René so generously gave O to Stephen for additional training, so you offer yourself to the Roissy Val d'Oise community to serve and learn as you continue to grow In your understanding of your submissive nature?"

"Yes Master, I come here of my own desire, something I wish to do, with my whole being to give my Service to all who wish it here"

He reaches down, Sliding my fingers slowly into her soft hair and gripping a handful, tilting her head back gently at first "Do you vow to serve with passion and with fire all of the Dominants of Roissy Val d'Oise, within your limits, to follow the directions of the House of the Samois and to ensure the comfort of all those who would require your service? It's not too late to change your mind, you know."

"Yes Master I give myself over to the Chateau and no Maitre I do not wish to change my mind,  I hope to serve to the best of my ability all those who desire it."

He leans down close to the girl, my hand firmly gripping her shoulder "Do not fear what is about to happen but rejoice in the fact that you are serving the dominant members of our community in your service."

"yes I wish so much to please and serve the very best I can."

He continues with a smile drifting across my lips as I slide a soft leather collar from my coat pocket, placing the collar around her slender neck, buckling it at the back of her neck as I push her hair forward, then stands back as she sports the new collar...." It is with great pleasure that I collar you to the House of Samois, Airen.... I know that you will wear it proudly."

"I will wear it with pride and passion Master"

Grasping the hook at one end, tilting her head back with a finger tip until her eyes were looking into mine and clicks the leash to her collar, with an audible **CLICK** then drops the bulk of the leash grabbing the handle with my right hand. "You are now collared to the House of Samois.... We will now Test your willingness to serve at our pleasure, and he holds the leash in one hand and grips her hair again with the other one, a strong grip, and tugs her to her feet, turning her around to face the group of gathered friends and family.

"Yes, I understand Master and I will willing do as you aask and serve the community" and Stoney  leans forward and whispers against her ear "you will now prove your willingness to serve the dominant community, and he leads airen to the pole by her leash showing her first to the audience. He  looks sternly in the girl's eyes, taking out a pair of leather cuffs, gripping her wrists firmly and sliding on those cuffs, tightening them around her delicate wrist making sure not to cut off the circulation, grabbing a piece of chain from the pole and fastening the cuffs to the chain.

She ooks at the pole with a little fear and wanting to please so much, "I feel the cuff and they are very tight."

He checks them again to make sure they do not cut off circulation and is satisfied they do not

Airen on the pole,  pulls out a flogger. "Airen.... I will guide you..." and positions her backside out running the length of a flogger I pull from my pocket over her smooth creamy skin.....letting her feel the tool before its use.

She feels it and scared, feeling my heart pounding like a hammer, that just keeps hitting me in the head, now almost staggering forward, feeling the click and pull on the collar, not knowing what to say or do as the leash was clicked into place, my eyes lowering, lips I am sure making a face, forgetting for a moment, that the room was filled with others.

Master Stoney runs my hands warmly once more up and down her thighs, feeling this smooth silky flesh as she shivers hanging on the pole, then raises my hand back, gently letting her feel the sting of the floater against her backside......Then reaching back delivers a quick fast *SMACK* as the flogger flies through the air with a WHOOSH..... Impacting firmly against her soft skin.

A new fear now, a pause, will there be more, is this a trick, did I pass what ever I am supposed to pass. trying to wipe my nose on anything before I look up. Or will another want to whip me too? Almost choking, so little control over my body, so little control what is happening to me ot even how long. Will I pass out?  please dont let me give up, I can do it, I can take it, I want this so bad, my face all tears and my nose just running, and no way to wipe and my body all wet, with fear that I cant take it and all I can do is wait for the next blow, nooo I don't want to scream, I can take it. Each crack Pain, the same pain over and over, allowing what ever sounds come out of my mouth, the body just jolts, arms legs back everything is hurting, all I can think of is, I can do it, my friends, you are saving me, I dont want to disappoint you. Yes, I can do it.

He stops and drops the flogger back to the ottoman, Then steps close, again wrapping my arms around her upper thighs to unhook her from the pole chains, and slowly lowering her to the floor below, holding on to her as I let her get hurt balance once more, lightly caressing her backside, the marks of her discipline clearly evident.

Pain just every where, she thinks to herself.

Master hugs her warmly in my arms....whispering softly against her delicate ear "You have bore your service well, airen...And now perhaps you will enjoy the next phase of your testing......"  slipping of, one by one as I caress her wrists to increase the blood flow, taking her slowly over to the next dominant to continue her initiation

Airen raises my head after using the back of my arm to whip my face, "Master I am still ready to do as you want to me"

smiles appreciating airen's willingness and turns airen over to her protector for additional discipline


The Protector

Mako Quixote stands, nodding to Stoney, taking the girl’s leash handle from him.  I give this leash handle a tug, ensuring it remains firmly clasp to this girl’s new leather collar. I am ever intrigued by how this simple act of holding a girl on the end of a leash, connects a Man so instantly to a girl. He strides to the girl, eyes flowing over the naked beauty before Me, dark intense eyes taking her in, appraising her poise and balance, her body language, so quickly understanding her.

She bows her head and not shaking as much and the pain will get better soon, I hope

Mako moves silently, around the girl, quickly inspecting her, observing the evidence of her expert disciplining, so exquisitely displayed over her buns and thighs.  I ensure that there are no injuries that would interfere with My use of her.  I look directly at the girl, intense eyes rifle-shot focused in on her  “I require your service.”

"yes Master, I wish to serve you in any way, what might I do for you?"

With a tug, I pull the girl forward to the Post. I position her, precisely, this girl who is here to service Me, into kneeling before me.  I chain her to the Post by her wrists and ankles   “I open My pants and expose My engorged COCK to the girl”

With my legs spread I always get excited

“Taste My swollen cock, as I guide it back and forth across your lips… IT requires your lips and tongue and mouth on IT,,,, show Me your talents.  Please Me.   You may begin by kissing my shaft,,, sucking my hard COCK, tasting My balls”

"my mouth is yours and wow your cock is large" and almost gags

He watches this girl and in my face it is seen how I feel the energized and knowing manner of this girl as she begins her service to me.  “you may now take my whole shaft into your mouth, and excite on me, pleasure me, thrill my manhood!

So hard and so nice to feel and taste, wish I could tell the master how I am so willing to please him and open my mouth muscles as wide as I can, taste his precum and my mouth is so excited now

My hips work on their own now, no conscious thought needed,, as I drive My cock into this girl's hot mouth and throat, as she is sucking as fast and as much to please this wonderful Master
"ooooo, but you may not finish me this way,, lil one" and she moves her head up a little and takes all I can in my mouth and want to use my throat to please and take him in

He shifts around her, standing behind her,,, hands lifting your buns up and My sucked and wetted hard COCK finds her pussy lips,, rubbing along them,,,, “is a girl’s pussy all wet and swollen for Me already?”

oohh my mouth is resting but feel the flogger on my skin hurting but says nothing to disturb the master's pleasure

I enter the girl,, slowly,, firming,, feeling her juices slick Me, the coating of precum over my cocks head adding to the electricity of I propel into her in My growing excitements.  Thrusting in in in in in ,,,taking her! “you will not cum until you are given permission to by Me”

"yes Master, I will try so hard to obey you but getting excited and trying to get my muscles so you will enjoy me more"

My excitements fill Me,,, My eyes drinking in this lovely girl under Me,, I ram My cock deeper and deeper into her,,, so damn hard in her,,,,I grab her hips and slam again and again into her tight craved pussy. So hot,, so tight,,,,  I am consumed in her!

ooohh shit so excited and so willing to please , so helpless but so willing to please and so hot so horny

The room shrinks to just us two… and the extreme rush I am gifted with, by her, from her…aiiiiiiiiii…so damn close,, so suddenly,, in her! And Airen closes my eyes all I feel is what is inside me.

I accent My thrusts into her  with several  slapping spanks to her bared bottom,,,,,stinging her with the glancing strikes, as I pound COCK into her.

"ohhhh shit yes, yesss Master please allow me to cum for you."

and I cummm and cumm and cumm in her.."aiiiiiiiiiiiii" --and Airen feels a stream running down my leg, knowing what it is

,,,,,slumping over the chained girl, I reach down and unfasten wrists and ankles, releasing her,,  My needs sated,,,, and knowing I will seek out this girl again.

ooohh what strange feelings I feel all over my body, horny pain scared and excited

I guide the girl over to Dom, “I have found this girl completely satisfactory, and I recommend her to your needs, Brother.”  I unleash the girl and guide her to Dom, and I return to my seat, tucking my spend and limp cock back into my pants.  A deep satisfied sigh is heard from me “mmmmmmmmmm. airen...... you and I have not mad true acquaintance but that is about to change, girl. The hour is late and the Moon is high over the Chateau. Time for your final submission. On your knees facing away from me!"


The 2nd Dominant

She looks in Master Dom's eyes "I am here for you as well Master."

"This surrender will be pleasurably painful but trust me, airen, I will not bring harm to you."

Feeling so helpless and a little more scared now as I can move so tinny little bit, "I do trust you Master Dom but hard to talk any more and my body is still willing to please you."

I am approaching you from behind. Quickly and discreetly applying a generous coating of silicone lube to your tight derrière crease and my swollen cock. Its silky velvet texture dresses your booty pleat and will allow smooth access by my engorged, back door seeking cock. "My cock head slowly eases into your ass bud, inching in carefully but deliberately determined to fully open you and fill you. Leaning and pressing my body harder against your beautiful porcelain back side bubble. My cock slides its way in and fully engages your tight anal flesh."

Ooohh tries to relax but so hard to control my body at all now and allows the master to use me as he wishes, not sure how to feel so new to me but gets over the early pain of his hard cock in me

Pumping your ass harder and deeper.  Your tightness grabbing my cock fully and causing a unique sensation that begins to draw my seed from my balls. With several powerful trusts my cock begins to seep cum into you tight hole.

She grins a little as I do feel his balls and rocking my body, so happy I can give my body for the use of the doms and giving pleasure, head hanging lower and lower, weak and body is wornout and still a smile on my face.

My body suddenly becomes rigid and my cock full, I withdraw my cock from your ass and rocket a torrent of semen over your ass checks and back.

"oooh, sh maons, her body is covered and running with serving

"I am pleased with your submission to me as witnessed by our family." Leaning towards your tiny ear, I whisper... " Good girl, arien"

Down my legs over my back ass thighs and hair, what a night, so happy my fiends are giving me courage

Stepping back, I place my cock back into my trousers and zips my trousers closed. "Stoney, my brother,  I find airen to be worthy of her new title."


The Title

Master Stoney looks at the embattled sub and takes the leash from Dom, assuring her that she has reached the finish line.

She hears the words and so happy, the master found me pleasing

"Thank you Mako and Dom for your testing of this girl's willingness to serve us...." I grab the girl by the hair and pulls her over to the cushion beside me. As Annie smiles and shows pride in her mentee, Stoney looks at at the community "This girl has been tested through use and is found satisfactory for advancement to demoiselle..." He ifts her chin with my fingertip as she kneels before me, My eyes glistening with pride "We have graduated yet another lovely debutante to the role of Roissy Demoiselle. She has proven herself worthy according to the recommendations of our dominant members to serve at the pleasure of The Château"

She listens closely but about all I can do is kneel and feel mm sticky all over

He looks deep into her eyes...." airen, you have much to be proud of..... You have shown that you have what it takes to continue your journey...... to better understand your submissive spirit, that drive that you feel compelling you to serve....*smiles*

As congratulations shouts begin, Aerin looks up and thank all of you , "I couldnt do it with out so many of you."

Stoney leans down to brush my warm fingers through her soft hair, teasing her ear just a bit as it passes over moving to her neck, a finger lightly rubbing along the length of her collar as it surrounds her neck gently, "you are now a Demoiselle of Roissy Val d'Oise...*smiles* We are all very proud of you.....Please turn to face your community..... Your family... Let them tell you how proud of you they are!."

Boisterous expressions of congratulation explode through the Chateau. Mako, taking a deep breath, wondering if I will have the strength to stand up now, after enjoying airen.

Stoney waits for the congratulations to die down "I wish to thank everyone that participated in today's initiation, Sirs Mako, and Dom, ..... As well as her mentor, Annie.... For all of the hard work they have put into building and developing this lovely girl. Sir Mako, please escort our lovely new demoiselle for some well-deserved aftercare..."

She says, "thank you as well and all of you" and Stoney hands our new dem over to Mako again.

"Dear airen, I require you for your aftercare, say your farewell to your well wishers and Famille



Xanadu helps Master Stoney with annoucements, including, "a special thank you to Lois who was our door keeper for tonight and a reminder to check the website for the upcoming work shops and events at," at which point Stoney dismisses the ceremony and smiles.." You heard her ladies and gentlemen! Let's get out there and enjoy one another and have a great evening. Thank you all for coming. The initiation is now close. Take care!"

Blue Ronsein

Xanadu Xue


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