Torrale's Demoiselle Initiation

Torrale's Demoiselle Initiation

Who                                      Torrale
When                                    Thursday, October 19, 2017
Where                                  Chateau Library
Mistress of Ceremonies     Mistress Petra Steele
Protector                              Sir Jeff
Participating Dominant      Master Stoney Carolina
Mentoring Sister                 Keira Rhapsody


Mistress Petra, looking stunning as usual called the expectant crowd to order by saying, "Sister Keira, as the girl's mentor I ask that you go now to the Tower and bring her forth."

General chit chat ensued as the anticipation mounted until Mistress Petra’s voice called out, “Welcome everyone thank you for your attendance today in recognition and support of both our Initiate and the tradition of this Initiation ceremony. Keira please bring the girl and have her kneel before me on the cushion.”

Keira Rhapsody, the girl’s proud mentor, took Torrale by the hand and lead her to Mistress Petra. She gave a last squeeze of the hand and an encouraging look as she took her seat.


T H E   C H A L L E N G E   ––  Mistress Petra

Mistress Petra looked down to the girl kneeling before her looking into her eyes looking like she was trying to read her face.  The sweet, demure girl raised her gaze to meet her eye.

With a stern, serene look on her face, Mistress Petra inquired “It is of vital importance that you be here of your own free will.  If you feel anything less, I must tell you that it is not too late to change your mind and not continue on this path.  Are you here of your own free will Torrale. fully and completely?"

The girl nervously gave a reply, “I am Mistress, I come to Roissy willingly, and knowingly.”

Mistress Petra challenged her once more, “Of your own free will?”

In a more assured voice, Torrale replied, “Of my own free will, Mistress.”

Mistress Petra nodded, “Further, do you vow to serve the Dominants of the Roissy community and do so genuinely with passion and fire?"

Torrale knelt a little straighter, “Yes I do Mistress.”

Mistress Petra nodded gravely, "From this point, you must present your body to all so that they may see and anticipate the charms they will use and enjoy when you complete this passage and bear the Demoiselle tag. Rise!  Face your famille now and remove your clothing as your own eyes meet those appraising you now"

"Are you aware of the splendor of you own beauty in your nakendness?  Look and see the arousal you are causing at this moment.  Always bear your beauty and the desire you evoke with both confidence and humility....lovely girl.  Now come kneel before me again."

Mistress Petra reached into the pocket of her jacket and retrieved the traditional soft black leather collar of the House of Samois.  She leaned down, her facial expression and posture denoting the gravity of the moment, and she placed it around the girl's neck making sure it is snug but not tight.

“Torrale, I now collar you as a submissive to the House of Samois and will proceed with the first phase of this ritual of passage, The Punishment."

Torrale gazed lower with her hands behind her head to lift the long tresses, lifting her head slightly ..the soft black material was placed on her neck

T H E   D I S C I P L I N E

Mistress Petra looked down at the girl again searching her eyes for something.  A small smile crossed her lips as her eyes remained focused and her manner still reserved and formal.  She addressed the girl, “Stand now and follow me to the cross"  And with those words she reached into her pocket once more and produced a leash which she snapped into place on the ring of the collar at her throat.  She gave it a slight tug. and lead her to the cross before unleashing her once they are in front of it.

Pointing directions, Mistress Petra instructed, "Now face the cross pressing your body against it and letting your limbs align with it.  I am going to use a crop on your ass and the backs of your thighs.  You will   thank me for each strike of my crop but do not count.  I really can't abide the counting..  Is that understood girl?"

Mistress Petra moved too slowly I grab her by the hair, “Now do as I ask girl. Face the cross.”

Torrale nodded as she shiver slightly.  Mistress Petra nodded back to the girl and moved to cuff her ankles and wrists once again making sure they are snug but allow for proper circulation,.  Then fasten her cuffed body to the cross. She paused a moment and let the silence sink in then lean close behind her, her lips nearly touching her ear and with a barely audible whisper asked her,  "Are you afraid?"

Torrale responded, “I am Mistress, but not as much as I had thought.”

[The lovely dominant encouraged her, "Take your fear, your anxiety, in hand. You are not alone know that.  All gathered here are here to support you and witness this moment of transition.  Are you ready girl?"

The room fell silent as she raised her right arm and brought it down with a distinct smacking sound upon girl’s ass.  "Stay the course girl.  Stay with me."

Torrale gasped as the strikes continued and shuddered at the kiss of the whip.

Mistress Petra paused and reminded her, “Thank you Mistress you are forgetting.”

Torrale cried out, “Thank  you Mistress!”

Mistress Petra continued to strike her now writhing form and she closed her eyes just slightly and continued to bring the crop down again now alternating the strikes on her ass and the backs of her thighs watching the welts rise and redden.

She encouraged the girl once more, "Stay the course Torrale, stay with me.  We are almost done.  Make me, make all of us here proud by showing your devotion to your submissive nature and bear this pain."

Torrale looked as though she was suppressing screams adding, “Thank you, Mistress.”

The crowd let out a collective breath as Mistress Petra dropped the crop from her hand and unfastened her from the cross, carefully removing her ropes and supporting her to stand upright as Torrale panted deep breathes.

Mistress Petra lifted her chin to look into her eyes before leashing her again and said "You have done well Torrale and your forbearance and obedience have earned you my approbation She smiled at her and leaned down to place a single kiss on the top of her head.  "Come now, my Dominant brothers await and will take you through the completion of this passage.”

Mistress Petra lead her to Sir Jeff.   She passed the leash to him and said "This girl has borne her Punishment well and honors our tradition by doing so;  Take her in hand  now my brother."  She smiled and returned to her chair as Torrale thanked her.

T H E   P R O T E C T O R –– Sir Jeff

Sir Jeff stood and took a hold of the leash, had the girl follow him to the ottoman, and asked her to sit.  As she sits he carefully removes her cuffs as she rubs the tender spots.  She looked up at him,  "Thank you Sir Jeff" as she sighed in relief.

Sir Jeff moved in closer putting his hand under her head as he looked down at her, “I am going to use you orally now.”  as he unzipped his pants.

He pulled his cock out slowly, took her hand, and placed it.  He gripped her head holding her as he pushed his cock past her lips, “Yes, that is it, use your tongue.”

Torrale’s tongue darted around as she teased the sensitive nerves  just below the head of his steel, then suddenly she plunged, nearly swallowed it with her face pressed to his groin.

Sir Jeff grunted as she plunged deeply, “Aahh yes, that’s it, just like that.”

Torrale’s left hand trailed down his leg to find his balls and gently squeezing them as her right hand held his hard steel.

Sir Jeff’s head fell back as he pushed forward.  With a hard plunge he shoved deep into her mouth as he grunted loudly. He held her head firmly as his cum shot into her mouth.

Torrale’s right hand released the hold it had on his cock and snaked it around his back.

Sir Jeff pulled back and took out a handkerchief to wipe his cock and then graciously wiped her mouth and chin.

Torrale thanked him as he took her hand and lead her to the next Dom.

T H E   2 N D   D O M I N A N T –– Master Stoney

Master Stoney Carolina took Torrale's leash and commanded, "Take a breath, your heart is understandably racing as you prove your service on this important day through the whipping and opening yourself in front of this community."

As she knelt before Master Stoney she whispered,  "Thank you Master."

Master Stoney explained to Torrale, "As others have said, your body, the only real physical gift given for the pleasure of those you serve, is part of your commitment which includes sharing your heart, mind and soul"

He observed, "It is hard to know what is in your heart and soul, but I will enjoy your body now on behalf of the community."

He then ordered Torrale to prepare to receive him by sitting on the ottoman again explaining that this "opening" represents a trusted relationship in which we both expose ourselves to each other believing that the trust will not be violated when she pleasures him as others will demand in the future and knowing that he will not violate her trust by exceeding her limits during her service.

Torrale appeared to shake a bit as she tentatively raised her eyes to meet his, "It is my honor, Master."

Master Stoney 's hand moved to his trousers and lowered his zipper. He looked at her beautiful face as he exposed his manhood ready to enjoy her service.

He spread Torrale's creamy legs and tested her wetness with his finger.  He then positioned his hardened member between her legs for slow sensual penetration. He rubbed his engorged cock's knob along her folds and against her labia.  He grabbed her hair in his fist, yanking Torrale's head way back  and simultaneously he punched his hardened cock into her pussy.

Torrale gasped at his powerful thrust; her head back as she raised her thighs and hooked her legs around him forcing their groins to meet.

Torrale gasped his name as she pulled upwards to meet him.  She wrapped her hands around his neck, embracing him.

Master Stoney let out a long gasp as he reached his orgasm and pulled her to him.

Torrale cried out, “Cumming!  Oh my God cumming!” She collapses as she trembles from the exertion.

Master Stoney tucked his dripping cock back in his pants as Torrale thanked him.

He tugged on Torrale's leash and helped her to stand as he lead her saying "Torrale has dutifully fulfilled her responsibilities and is recommended for initiation." As he handed the leash to MistressPetra.

Torrale gives warm but slight tremulous smile to the Master,

Mistress Petra thanked Master Stoney as she took the leash and turned her attention to the girl  "Thank you Stoney" :With a nod to the girl, she indicates for her to kneel on the cushion before her.


T H E   T I T L E

With a proud smile on her face, Mistress Petra addresses the girl but for all to hear "You have successfully gone through all the phases of this ceremony and borne yourself with dignity, humility and courage, and most importantly, obedience.  You have earned the recommendation of myself and your other Dominant Initiators to pass on to the Demoiselle phase of your submissive training at Roissy.  May you carry forth these qualities into your future training and service to the Dominants of our community.  Understand that you serve best when you serve with commitment and devotion, not only the Dominants but in service you do to aid our community in all aspects.”

Her eyes scan the crowd as she tells the girl,  “Rise now Torrale and face your famille as  Demoiselle Torrale,  your Initiation is now complete.  Congratulations  well done Torrale!"  Everyone please congratulate our newest Demoiselle, Torrale."

The Library exploded in cheers of congratulations and applause.

She addressed Sir Jeff, the girl’s protector, "Jeff, please take the leash and lead Torrale into the aftercare room for some much deserved respite and ministration." Before smiling to Sir Jeff and one last time to Torrale, “Thank you Jeff.   Congratulations again Demoiselle Torrale.  I thank my fellow Dominants for their participation today and our thanks go out to all of you for your attendance and support of our newest Demoiselle, Torrale and this tradition.”


T H E   F I N A L E

As the girl was lead from the Library, Mistress Petra closed the proceedings by saying, “Allow me to thank the Admin team for the work they do on all our behalf and many thanks to Maitre Rene for creating this vision, we call Roissy Val D'Oise and for his continued generosity.  Be well everyone. Please go safely and enjoy the day/evening. Thank you all for your support of this time honored and so vital tradition.”

Respectfully Submitted,
Courtisan Sister Sadie, Roissy Journaliste


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