Fae Sister Graduation

Fae Sister Graduation

July 26, 2015


A lazy afternoon sun hung in low in the sky.  Upon the stage walks Matire Rene, turning and smiling as the sunlight hits his bronze eyes and illuminates them as if from an inner fire.  They skirt around the audience as he greets, focusing only for a fleeting moment.

"Good evening everybody, welcome to Fae's Sister Graduation," he said. As he begins to take his normal seat, a slight adjustment is made when finding his seat occupied, and so sit down in the next. The stage has filled with the other members of the ceremony, Maitre J.C., Maitre Taylor, Gillian, and Xanadu.

At the foot of the stairs, Julie and Fae stand. Juliet grabs Faes hand and squeezes them. "Ready my lovely one?"

"Yes Julie," replies Fae, as Julie slides Fae's lacie top down over Faes breast, and Fae stands waiting nervously  with Julie, peeps at  the assembled people and swallows hard as she removes the top of my dress . The two proceed onto the stage. Gillian stands to greet them.

"Sister Julie," directs Gillian,  "please bring forward Demoiselle Fae and place her on the cushion to the left of the stage as you approach." 

Julie lookes deep ino Faes eyes, making sure she is ok and tugs softly on her leash.  "Sit down Sweetie," she whispers and kisses Fae's cheek as she unleashes her. Fae manages a small smile to Julie as she unclipped her leash.
 "Maitre Rene," says Gillian. "Honored guests,  welcome all to this joyous event, for today we come together to witness the Graduation of Demoiselle Fae, who will join the exclusive ranks of the Roissy Val d'Oise Sisterhood.

"It is with some sadness that we bid farewell to this Demoiselle as she leaves her path and joins the ranks of Sisters. Her path does not end here it is ever evolving. As a sister she will continue to be active within Samois, serve as mentor and guide to the Demoiselles and Debutantes.

"Maitre JC would you please welcome E/everyone?"

Maitre JCs welcome speech :
" Thank you Maitre JC for those kind and insightful words."

turns and smiles at Xan...Xan please share your thoughts with U/us.

Xan stands and presents her  welcome speech

Thank you  Gi .. she responded  rising from the cushion .. then turned facing those on the stage , then turned to face the audience :  Maitre Rene, Distinguished Members on the stage and those present in the audience

It is indeed my pleasure to represent  the House of Samois as i welcome everyone.  Today we celebrate  the accomplishments of Demoiselle Fae has made on her path  to becoming a Roissy Val D'Oise Honored Sister.  i say honored ..  as each submissive must work to obtain this as level in her path .. as it is not given freely.

I met our Fae in April of this year and we became friends .. i remember  we had a really good lengthy conversation  just before her initiation ..  and as many would say .. nervous  was definitely in her vocabulary ..  but she made it through with flying colors.   Fae is a woman with a  truly wonderful heart .. i smile as i look to her and remember several  statements she made during the different time we spoke and i chuckle..      

Many of us on the Dominant  and submissive paths do experience times where we slow and question why we are here .. but in the end we open our minds  .. learn and  then move forward finally  to obtain the acknowledgment.. of a path well traveled.  

We thank every one for supporting Roissy Val D'Oise with  your presence .. as we celebrate these memories shared on Fae's Special Day. 

Following this Ceremony  we invite you to join us as  Rocketman Galaxy provides our  entertainment in the Gardens ..    

Congratulations to you my Sister  Fae... 

Maitre Taylor please share with us your thoughts and recommendations of Demoiselle Fae...smiles
 Maitre Taylor stands and presents his speech 
 "Good day and thank Y/you for being here to help us celebrate Fae's accomplishments. It's an honor to be part of one of our most sacred event's.

"Several months ago, sitting in on one of Kurt's Story Times in our cafe, I took notice of a new Debutante by the name of Facaade. The profile stated that she was what seemed to be 1 day old, " he chuckles, "my memory is bad but never the less it was very young. After IM'ing her to welcome her, I found very quickly that this was a very intelligent and articulate girl." He continues using his best southern accent, "and a pretty damn good looker too.

"Since then we have talked many times and scened as well. Fae, the submissive formerly known as Facaade, has stayed very consistent and true to her submissive path in addition to being loyal to our community. We all have watched her grow. For these reasons, when she recently asked if I would be her Maitre for her sister final, I did agree after consulting with Gillian.

"Gillian asked me a tough question, 'Do you have a relationship with her?' It was and is always important to be totally honest. I told her I did but also that I have relationships with several girls here, relationships are part of being polyamorous in my opinion. Gillian explained that she just didn't want Fae to be, uhm, 'comfortable ' with me. She didn't have to explain, I knew exactly what she meant.

"So, without breaking the confidentiality of such an important time or series of events in the life of a Roissy Val d'Oise submissive," he points toward Fae, "I pushed this girl and I mean hard, harder and deeper than I have ever pushed a girl before. Using the criteria that Gillian presented, for two days I stayed slightly on this side of her hard limits and personal fears. She trembled but never relented, cried but never crumbled, doubted but never surrendered to herself, only me.

 turns and looks at Rene, JC, Gillian, Xanadu, and Julie, taking the time to make direct eye contact with each one. "I don't think I need to go into a long dialog about my recommendation, I tell you now in front of all our famille," he says waving his arm as if across the gathering.  "this one is ready, she is worthy to be a Sister." 

Thank you Maitre Taylor for that wonderful recommendation.

Gillian turns to Sister Julie  and asks her to add her thoughts and comments 

Sister Julie please share with us your thoughts on Demoiselle 

Fae....smiles warmly at Julie

Julie  Stands to give her speech 

I am very proud to see you kneeling here today Fae and take your place as a Sister of Roissy Val d’ Oise. When I first met you, I wondered if that “Facaade” will drop one day. And I think it does. Every time you trust.  Do you remember our first talk?

 smiles as she remembers

You were very nervous about being alone in a talk to a Mistress and I promised to stay in your IM and hold your hand. You grew fast and learnt as I watched you from a distance from time to time.

On June 10th, you came to me and asked me to guide you through the last part of your path. I felt honored and hoped I could be a shoulder to lean on and  could be of some help in a way you expected me to be.

You went through some trying  times here, and some of the tasks you had to go through awoke huge emotions, like your final scene for example.  But this all is a part of our progress. If we just have easy times here, we can not be a real Sister of VDO. 

Remember O’s look when she arrived at Roissy…

And then remember her eyes when she got her ring…

Filled with pride, passion, devotion and submission. And this can only be reached by learning and experience. We need the wind blowing strong towards us sometimes to finally spread our wings and show our beauty.

I honestly think that VDO is one of the best places to learn and to grow. None said it will be easy when you joined. But you made it. You made it to a wonderful new sister.  Be passionate Fae. Show devotion and love. Love for this place, love for the people, but most of all, love for yourself. And give a bit of this feeling to the ones that arrive in future to our place. Give them your hands and guide them on their way here. 

And don’t forget to have fun! To enjoy your time  here. Fill it with laughter, giggles and happiness. 

 walks towards her Sister and reaches for her hands

You will be a wonderful Sister Fae. Just don’t forget to be yourself.  

smiles at her, squeezes her soft hands  before she returns to her cushion and kneels down.

Gillian stands and thanks Julie, "Thank you Julie that was a beautiful recommendation."

Gillian asks  Maître Rene if he will confer on the Graduating Demoiselle to be appointed Val d'Oise Sister.

"Maitre Rene, You have heard the recommendations of Maître  Taylor and the warm support given to that recommendation of her sister Julie.  May I invite you now, to confer on Demoiselle Fae the title and the ring of Sisterhood?"

Rene smiles at Gillian

Of course, Gillian. It is again my pleasure to join with our famille on yet another special celebration in our community.

looks at the Demoiselle kneeling on the cushion

The day of Sister Graduation is always special.  I'm pleased with the recommendations I've heard on Demoiselle Fae's behalf.

 Rene looks back at  Gillian. " With pleasure I confirm to continue with the proceedings."

Gillian asks Fae to rise , come forward and keel before Maitre Rene 
"Demoiselle Fae, come forward please and kneel before Maitre Rene" 

Fae Kneels in front of Maitre Rene

Rene look at Demoiselle Fae kneeling before him and smiles

What wonderful  the supportive words spoken on her behalf.

 looks over her head, out to the gathering of community, friends, and visitors.

Seeing you all  here makes me feel very proud to be a part of our wonderful famille of Roissy Val d’ Oise.

Finding  the weathered old leather journal from his jacket pocket and he pulls it out, opens it, and thumbs through the pages until he finds the page with Fae's name written at the top.

He reads the notes that he has made throughout her  journey.

Closing the journal with a crisp snap, he slips it back into the jacket pocket.

Rene stands and addresses the community; 

Here we have a wonderful submissive before us,  one whose dedication to complete her path and achieve Sister status has been obvious to us all.

Demoiselle Fae  began  her submissive training with House of Samois, on March 1,  2014.

She progressed and moved on to the time of her Initiation on April 26, 2015, where she served and was opened by Dominates of Chateau Roissy Val D’ Oise and became known as Demoiselle Fae. 

On June 15, 2015, Fae presented a wonderful  workshop, 'Love in the BDSM World', providing a unique perspective on our lifestyle.

The next step of her journey, she presented an exciting  Sister Event, “Masked Kink” on July 5, 2015.  Wow some of the costumes worn at this event were very sensual and.......

pauses in thought....................

Let us say, stimulating!


Demoiselle Fae's Final Task was given to her Taylor, who saw her down the home-stretch.

Let us always remember that this Final Task is a test of a Demoiselle's Submission based upon her strengths and weaknesses; it is no easy task, but a challenge, one that pushes the submissive and brings her to the core of her surrender.

 Rene looks down upon the sweet Demoiselle, smiles and gently touches her cheek...

Demoiselle Fae you proved the depth of your submission competently. 

Here we are, today, July 26, 2015,  to celebrate the completion of your journey Demoiselle Fae.

She  kneels before us to receive what she has committed herself too, the giving of her submission. and it is with great pleasure that I bestow upon her the Roissy Val d'Oise Ring and title of Sister.

You have heard about Demoiselle Fae's journey that brings her here today, a day long awaited and hoped for.

Her commitment that has brought her here is a true inspiration for those who still have to complete their journey

Rene reaches inside his vest pocket and pulls out a ring... he holds it up before Demoiselle Fae just as a gleam of sunlight catches on the shiny gold band and sparkles.

reaches for her hand and slides the  the shiny gold ring into place on her finger.

smiles at her,  holding her hand in both of his, and leaning forward, says softly

Sister Fae, you will inspire many. 
My wish is that  you will continue to grow and learn and nurture others along your way. 

You are a guiding light and can guide other submissives  on their own journey to our Roissy Val d'Oise Chateau."

Gillian smiles at Fae and then looks round at the assembled guests drawing their attention.

To become a sister of Roissy Val d’ Oise a submissive has to have many qualities, some are as follows: To be Trustworthy, Graceful, Loyal, Humble, Obedient, Enduring, and Patient and remain submissive no matter how hard that may be. 

You have shown these qualities

Demoiselle Fae,  No more will you carry this title. Cast it aside and wear the one that i give you now. Wear the mark of Sisterhood with pride as you go out to a new and exciting future in Roissy Val d'Oise." Always serve with passion and fire. 

Sister Fae, please stand and take a moment to speak to all your friends assembled here today.

 When I arrived at Roissy I had like so many others , preconceived ideas of what I would find, of the sort of people I might meet, and the notion that what it was about was "just a bit of roleplay" , I couldn't have been more wrong.

I met the people of this community who for the most part accepted me with open arms and gave me a feeling of belonging that I had not experienced in all the time since I first joined Second Life in 2007.

From my first days here when i was interviewed by Babs  and voice verified by the indomitable , indefatigable Vette  whose quiet dignity and grace held me true to myself on more than one occasion, to this day when i find myself amazed to be standing here in front of you all on this momentous occasion. I have met the most fascinating people, have learned something about them, sometimes their lives, have laughed and wept with some and celebrated the small victories that make up both our worlds .

When I first received my logs I was daunted by what seemed to be a huge amount of tasks and things to be completed but as I progressed you could say bits of me broke away, corners were rubbed off and in reshaping and coming back into myself I was stronger .. complete , with a deep sense of purpose and  the knowledge of who and what I am , and that no matter how much of a fool I may be at times that the love and support I get from you all would set me back on my feet, metaphorically dust me down and make my world rotate on its' correct axis once more.

I humbly thank  all those who have helped and supported me on this journey, The special and deep friendships I have made are unshakable and are the single most joyous thing that has kept me going forwards....... to name you all would result in a speech reminiscent of the Oscars where I might end up thanking the world and his dog, so again , you know who you are  and what you are to me ,and so naming you becomes .. irrelevant.  once again , thank you ! 

Maitre Taylor, you helped me with my logs as have many others, single mindedly and with great deliberation dragging me reluctantly at times ( it needs saying )  into the full realization of myself and for that I owe you a deep debt of gratitude .

 In doing my final task with me you succeeded figuratively and literally in  scaring the pants off me , you made me face fears and demons I would have rather not acknowledged , and for this too .. thank you !
 Fae turned then .. "Maitre Rene , with your dream, your vision of what this world could be at its very best, and for having the determination to keep going from strength to strength despite the competition of another sim  that will remain nameless, I am sincerely  grateful .

 To the Admin team , you work so hard and go above and beyond the call of duty , to use a hackneyed phrase, and Julie, who took over the arduous task of mentoring me mid-stream so to speak , I cant thank you enough I owe you all so much .

Gillian stands and smiles warmly at Fae. "Thank you for that beautiful heartfelt speech, Fae, please take your place on the cushion near Matire JC.

"What a wonderful graduation this has been. Fae congratulations  on your new role as Sister of Roissy Val D'Oise, your loyalty and dedication to our sim is an example to all the other Debs and Dems following in your footsteps. I've known Fae for a while now, a wonderful lady who never hesitates to jump in and help at a moments notice!  Fae you are going to be an amazing sister, helpful patient, kind...smiles it's an honor to know you and have you join our ranks.

Are we there yet, are we there yet?  How many of us remember this from our childhood on long road trips.  It's not not about the destination its about the journey to get there.  Relax take your time, breath and live everything, don't rush, we all learn so much about ourselves as we move along our paths here. Have fun on your paths, get to know people, think, reflect and learn, even as Sisters we are continually learning new things, patience, tolerance, respect, comes to mind at the top of my head.  Embrace your paths and enjoy every minute of the journey.

 turns and smiles to Maitre Rene. "Maitre Rene thank you sharing your dream with us, you have provided us with a wonderful sim, a place we laugh, cry, get frustrated in , roleplay and meet people from all over the world,  a place where we have formed wonderful lasting friendships with people we would never have met in our daily lives.Thank you.

Thank you Maitre JC, Xan and Julie  for all the hours you put in here everyday, for your unending support, help, advice and guidance.

A special thanks to all the Dominants who help the girls, help guide each and everyone of us, we appreciate you all, to our sisters who give up hours of their rl time to help their mentees.

Our doors are always open to each and everyone, whether you seek guidance, have a problem, or just wish to have a cup of tea/coffee and have a chat or if you would like to contribute to the sim  with a talent or bring something new forth, please don't hesitate to contact Maitre Rene, Matire JC or myself!
We are family, we play together, laugh together, pull together in times of need, help and support each other.

Master Rene that concludes the ceremony, as the House of Samois is proud to see another of its Demoiselles take her place in the wider community. May I now invite you to close the proceedings witnessed here today

Rene stands, reaches for a crystal glass full of excellent French champagne and turns  to the newest Sister smiling… 

What a wonderful day this is, this is your day, Sister Fae!

  raises his crystal glass and proclaims:
hmmmmmm thinking..................

 The waves of desire in the ocean are intoxicating wine or should I say, champaign this time?

Join me in congratulating and welcoming Sister Fae  into Our  Roissy Val d'Oise Sisterhood.  

Congratulations Sister Fae!

********  Rene, pauses ... letting  the community give their congratulations to Sister Fae ******** 

As the congratulations quiet, Rene moves to the center of the platform

turns towards Fae

Sister Fae, It is a time for you to reflect and celebrate on your past, present and future.

Fae, it is with pleasure to call you a Sister of Roissy Val d’ Oise. 

You have much to offer our community, 

I wish to see you continue to grow and learn. 

May your life at Roissy Val d'Oise always be remembered as something near and precious to your heart.

May your life at Roissy Val d'Oise  hopefully always be remembered as something near and precious to your heart.

Rene goes to the center of the stage and smiles at everyone.

The summer heat is full upon us, I wish to have a nice cold shower right now!

smiles  and wipes his brow

Well well perhaps soon.

 I am continually pleased and made to feel so proud over how hard so many of you work to make Roissy Val d'Oise what it is, a community, a home, your own life

We are a Famille of liked-minded individuals, 

we care for each other and find  fulfillment in the dedication to take personal ownership here and put forth the effort to make each life shine brightly  by becoming interwoven with the fabric of a community that is strong and united.

I have said before and now again today

our community is only as strong as the weakest individual, and that is why helping one another to do and become the best person you can be is the very essence of our success, for I see each one of you putting forth the desire to help and support one another continually.

Each of you are showing these qualities more and more!

How wonderful it is to have a home filled with such caring, thoughtful and supportive members.

Peace and happiness will be the fulfillment for us.

Let us each do our part to manifest such a life for us all here

We are a famille, there truly is a place for each one of us. So, don't stand back, step forward so that we may celebrate and support your efforts on the behalf of making our life at Roissy Val d'Oise fun and exciting.

As always, I encourage you to stay up to date on all events and workshops by checking our  website calendar daily:  http://www.roissy-vdo.com/calendar/ 

Our website continues to develop and grow, we hope you enjoy reading the many news articles and interviews our active Roissy Journalistes write for us... so please take time to visit the website often   http://www.roissy-vdo.com ... you just never know, you might find something about yourself on the pages!

I hope each of you is enjoying the new Roissy Radio that now plays on our sim. It is a great source of joy for me.  I love to receive your requests so that it becomes filled with all our favorite music.

So, go to the website and submit your request to me. 

 Someone has requested "50 French Songs You Must Listen to Before You Die" those songs have a time span over 70 years, and I have been putting that block to be played at  a future event. very soon.

Future plans for our Roissy Radio is the addition of LIVE DJ blocks, bringing even more entertainment pleasure for us. 

Remember it is not only for our SL enjoyment, but also for your listening pleasure in your RL.

Thank you for sharing  your time and showing support today as Fae became a Sister of Roissy Val d’ Oise.

Please join us in the Ballroom immediately following  Sister Fae’s Graduation for a celebration dance.


Juliette Surrealdreaming

Roissy Journaliste

*photos courtesy of  Xanadu


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