Juliette Sister Graduation

Juliette Sister Graduation

February 8 2015

I started trembling the moment Nara called me to Samois. As soon as I arrived and found her and Maitre Thomas waiting for me, my head started spinning and I was unable to think straight; it wasn't until we began our walk to the Chateau Gardens that I finally caught my breath and began to focus. 

There, at the foot of the stairs, leading up to the platform, Nara stopped and turned to me, smiling.  As she stared into my eyes, she unclasped the bodice of my dress, removing it to reveal my breasts for all to see.

"This is your special day Juliette," she said. "One you have earned. Keep that smile upon your lips, sparkle in your eyes." 

She took a small compact of rouge from a pocket, opened it and a soft brush to lightly colour my areolas to enhance the erect nipples. Putting the compact away, she gently pulled on my leash and lead me up onto the stage, directing me to kneel, and announcing, "I bring forth Demoiselle Juliette."

Thus began the ceremony, with Vette, saying, "Honored guests; welcome all to this joyous event; for today we come together to witness the Graduation of Demoiselle Juliette, who will join the exclusive ranks of the Roissy Val d'Oise Sisterhood."

I share now with you the special words shared by others and also myself... .


Maitre Aquiles performed my final task with me and gave his recommendation to appoint me as Sister. Here are his words:

"It is my outmost honor and great pleasure to recommend Demoiselle Juliette for graduation as a Sister of Roissy Vd’O. I had the privilege of working with her on her final task and I have nothing but respect and admiration for the way she responded. I tested all I believed to be essential for a Dem to do and say as she works her way to sisterhood, and I can honestly say that Juliette met every single challenge. I believe that she has embraced her total submission and that today; more than ever, she is ready to graduate. It was not always easy, but it never is when it comes to being what one was born to be. In her case, I believe she was born to serve. And she showed me as I truly put her to the task. So with my recommendation and support, may she become the newest sister at Roissy Vd’O.

"One recommendation I have for her is to have a clear understanding of what the safe word means, and how and when to use it."


Kelyren spoke on my behalf, adding her thoughts on my Demoiselle training of Demoiselle as a Sister Mentor. Here is what she said:

"Thank You, Vette, it is an honor to be asked to speak for Juliette on this most anticipated day - her Graduation Day. This is the day we all look forward to when we embark upon this journey. I need to thank Maitre Rene and the entire Admin team for providing this place that so many call "home" and for making these celebrations possible.

"The Demoiselle path is rarely an easy one, for the lessons and experiences do change each and every one of us in some way. Juliette is no exception. Some obstacles she found a way to slide on past with ease and grace, however many caused her to stumble. They say what doesn't kill us makes us stronger and she always manages to pick herself up and continue to move forward. It was through those times I saw growth and change in her ability to be compassionate and uplifting to others - qualities I think we all could develop in ourselves a bit more.

"I find it inspiring that despite the stumbling blocks, she's never given up and I'm happy to recommend, support and welcome Juliette as Sister of VdO."


Maitre Rene's conferring of my title and presenting me with my ring:

“Welcome to each and everyone of you here this day. You’ve come in celebration of Demoiselle Juliette, whose journey has brought her to the moment of graduating into our Roissy Val d’Oise Sisterhood.

"Juliette is a dedicated and loyal submissive, whose sweet nature and and willingness to deepen into her submissiveness has been a true focal point for her. You have heard of her journey that brings her here today…this her special day… and as such, I believe we all know that Juliette’s commitment is a true inspiration for the Demoiselles and Debutantes who still have their own paths to complete.

"This special ring symbols the accomplishment of all your hard work, your dedicated effort, your smiles and, yes, your tears shed on the journey that has brought you here today. You have succeeded! Well done!

"Thus, you have earned the privilege of receiving this ring as a token of the fulfillment of your path.

"I am proud of you, dear. What a wonderful submissive you have proven to be. Congratulations Juliette. I trust that you will uplift and inspire many other girls on their path here as a Mentoring Sister. 

“Vette, I accept Juliette as a Sister, please give to her the rightful tag of Sister and let’s all welcome Sister Juliette into our Sisterhood here at Roissy Val d’Oise."


The speech I gave:

"When I first arrived at Val d'Oise... I ...had no idea what to expect. There was a magic in the air, an electrifying promise of wonderfully, delicious, good things to come, and also the excitement of deepening into my submissive nature via tasks and experiences. Well, I must admit... these and way more than I could have imagined have been my experience here.

"Maitre Rene, You are the first person to whom I must say "Thank You." Almost from the time my feet landed here at Roissy Val d'Oise, You have made me feel incredibly welcome... special in some ways. *smiles warmly at him* I know everyday You hear us offering thank yous for giving us your dream, sharing your home with us, making our SL better for it... but, Maitre Rene, I speak now only for myself...

"From my heart, Thank You; for You have helped to make me a better submissive. Through your generosity, the love and caring you show, through your selfless gift of providing a huge part of my life here, I wish to sa,y You are truly a wonderful man and I sincerely thank You and feel blessed You are in my life.

"There are so many of you I wish to acknowledge, I wonder if the music will start playing should I speak too long?

"I will be brief... or as brief as I possibly can.

" When I first came, there was a little group of perhaps naive Debutantes that I became a part of...I have a little memorabilia here in my pocket to share... just for them... perhaps, meaningless to everyone else... please bare with me a moment.

" Ta dah! The watering can!

"Oh what a fun and wonderful task it was that day! I remember it well... Rina and I were under Sir JB for a task... poor Babs and Master Taylor came along and, needless to say, the mall became a scene from 'Val d'Oise Debutantes Gone Wild' ... needless to say, E/everyone got nice and wet!

"There were many enjoyable moments doing the Deb tasks... 

...setting fire to Maitre NH, 

...digging worms for Master Justyn

..dancing naughty with Master Sting (his fault, not mine) and getting reprimanded by Maitre Chronos...

"...far too many to recount... it is a wonderful memory for me here, and to E/everyone who shared with me during that part of my journey, thank Y/you for walking with me even if but a short while.

"The journey as a Demoiselle has been greatly different. For some, I am sure it was a breeze, for me a bit more challenging, for learning about one's strengths and weaknesses... ... is not altogether always a comfortable process, like

"--pushing limits -- *glances at Maitre NH and nods* 

--opening one's mind and stretching it -- *looks over her shoulder at Maitre Aquiles and nods*

"but I am grateful for each experience and the Maitres and Masters who have spent time with me. Thank You Maitre NH, Maitre Aquiles, Maitre Kurt, Master Taylor, Master Justyn, Master Siegfried, Sir Lazarus... thank You for helping me with my tasks and guiding me along my path. I could not have succeeded without each of You. I applaude You All.

" During my path, days came when I was sure I was throwing in the white towel... 

"And it was this lovely Demoiselle right there... *points at Babs* who always stood as my pillar of strength. Babs, it is perhaps to you I owe the greatest gratitude of all. You scolded me, picked me up when I would collapse, and laughed with me. You listened and heard all I said. You calmed my fears. You nurtured my hurt. You urged me to pick up that white towel and take another step forward. You NEVER abandoned me for any reason...you are steadfast and a true friend... You are genuine Babs and, I know I have said this before, but damn girl, if you were a Master... *grins* Phew!!!!! * *unconsciously rubs my knees* All joking aside... heart-felt thank You Babs.

"Master Sting, it is to you I wish to also give thanks, for you have been my true protector here... the one always looking out for my best interest...You have nurtured me to always reach for balance, to delve deeply into the sensual side of Shibari ropes and knowing myself as a beautiful object of art to be treasured and well-kept. You have shown me the tender side of my submission and the deepest eroticism I never knew was there. Thank you for your compassion, your understanding, your patience, your strong hand -- velvet gloved though it is -- and allowing me to serve you as often as I do. You are an incredible Master and I am fortunate to have found favor in your eyes. Thank You.

"Well, and so here I stand now... reaching a major goal I set for myself...and I feel good to have made the finish line of this journey, with of course the help of my friends. I feel I have been a obedient and loyal submissive to Roissy Val d' Oise and Samois. I upheld the rules and took all my vows seriously, and I completed all my tasks.

"So... the time has come to un-collar myself, as "Samois Master" is no longer in need of my service.

"Well... not in one sense, anyway...

"I stand a free submissive with a new path stretching before me... what that journey holds is but a mystery at this time. On that journey, it is my hope that one day i can offer myself as a gift to a real Master, someone who is honest, strong , trustful... someone who will respect and cherish my submission to him and give me the gift of his presence. I will be proud to give him my trust and share with him all of me. 

"But that is the future.

"Now, I dedicate myself to Roissy Val d'Oise and helping to do my part in our community and family.

"I humbly say thank You... Thank You Maitre Aquiles for being my final task Maitre, Thank You Maitre Kurt for being an ear, Thank You Maitre Thomas, Maitre Rene, Vette, Carolanne, and Nara, Val d'Oise would not be what it is today if it were not for A/all of Y/you. Thank You Kely for your wonderful gift of friendship, Nica, Rina, Blue, May, Gilli, Julie, and so many other sisters here, I value your friendships.

"And lastly, but by no means least... I wish to thank someone who has become a close friend, though she is not a member of our family. Emo... thank you thank you thank you for all our late night (though your morning) talks. You are too good to me and I don't know that I'll ever beable to repay the kindness you have shown me over the last 6 months. I value your friendship. You are a treasure.

"Thank You to A/all of Y/you here at Roissy Val d'Oise for allowing me to be part of Y/your lives. I am blessed."


And the closing of my Sister Graduation Ceremony...

Maitre Rene again rises, a champagne flute held easily in his hand, and stands regally before the gathering. He turns and smiles at the newest Sister, saying, “This is your special celebrative day Juliette, and your accomplishments have brought to mind a very important announcement, but first I wish to look at your journey history with us..." 

He took a paper from his pocket that he has written some dates on.......

"You began as a Debutante July 6, 2014 and underwent your Demoiselle Initiation on September 21, 2014.

"You gave your Sister Workshop -- The 'Polyamory D/s Relationship: Going from Two to Three to Sometimes Even Four -- October 21, 2014, and held your Sister Event -- "VdO Winter Market and Santa, his Elves & Blue Fairy Visit" -- December 13, 2014.

"You clearly show focused dedication to your path.

"As you all know, I recently sent out an announcement indicating that I have been revamping our formal Mentoring Program.

"The time has come to formally launch it.

"A notice for the first Mentoring Workshop will be sent. All Sisters and Maitre’s/Maitresse's who have fulfilled their paths are invited to enroll as one of our Official Mentors by attending this workshop.

"The Mentoring Program will provide a Mentor to every new Debutante and Dominant beginning their paths, as well as those already in process. Only the names enrolled with the Mentoring Program will be considered Official Roissy Val ‘d Osie Mentors. For further details, those of you eligible, please attend the workshop.

"I wish to encourage anyone that is interested in becoming a Mentor to please contact me with a Notecard in the red mailbox just outside my office at the Teahouse.

"Please stay updated on all events and workshop at our website http://www.roissy-vdo.com/

"We also have two journalist that will be doing interviews and such."

Maitre Rene turns back to Juliette, raises his flute, and in a clear voice, soft but loud enough for all to hear, says, "Come everyone and raise your glass with me in congratulating and welcoming dear Juliette into our Sisterhood here at Roissy Val d'Oise. Juliette, it's time to live up to your success, smile and take a bow ! Congratulations Sister Juliette!"

Juliette Surrealdreaming

Roissy Journaliste

*Photos courtesy Master Sting and Babs


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