Maître, Maîtresse, Master, Mistress, Sister
and Other Specialty Workshops


Protocols and Rituals in D/s - Siahnn's Sister Workshop

Triggers -- What They Are and Why They Matter - Scorpio's Master Workshop

Protectors, Who Needs em Anyways! - Paril's Sister Workshop

Creative Scening by Thinking Outside the Box - James' Master Workshop

Initiation Ready ... as I'll Ever Be - Diamond's O Aspirante Workshop

Hairplay and Hair Pulling  - Calvin's Master Workshop

Dealing with Disabilities in BDSM - Star's Sister Workshop

Making Friends With Furniture Menus - Chip's Maitre Demo

Fantasy in BDSM - Xanadu's Workshop

Bonding in BDSM - Diamond's O Aspirante Workshop

The Art of Seduction - Beauti's Sister Workshop

VdO RP right off the cuff - Dominique's Sister Workshop

Online D/s The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - Dove's Sister Workshop

Demystified: Safe, Sane, and Consensual - Dillon's Sister Workshop

Roleplaying versus Pretending -  Nica's Sister Workshop

Watersports - Lois' Sister Workshop

Psycholagny - Wick's Masyer Workshop

Think & Reflect - Cy's Master Workshop

Polyamory - Is It for You or Not? - Chip's Maitre Workshop

Kinks, Explained - Blue's O Aspirante Workshop

What can go wrong in a limits stretching roleplay  - Stoney's Maitre Workshop

The Art of Blowing His Mind - Maya's Sister Workshop

Communication in D/s - Magolla's Master Workshop

Is that any way to talk to yourself? - Derry Auer



The Fine Art of Dining on a Sub - Dex

Techniques of Flogging -  Mykal

Curing the Wounds of Drama - JB

Sexual Objectification -  Saras Sister Workshop

Sleeping with the enemy - a life shared with a Dom/Domme - Maxim

Power Exchange -  Becca's Sister Workshop

History of Shibari - Aliyah's Sister Workshop

Common Courtesy in BDSM - Annie

Helping Survivors of Abuse - Mike

8 Reasons People Love BDSM - Dom

Implements of Spanking - Jeff's Master's Workshop

Bottoms Up - Derry

BDSM: The Recipe To Fun - Leilani's Sister Workshop

BDSM: Obsession, Addiction, or Recreation - Dom's Maitre Workshop

Improv Role Play - Miss Petra's Mistress Workshop

Roleplay on a Razor's Edge; Knives, Credit Cards and Ice Cubes -  Flor's Mistress Workshop

BDSM Agreements -  Sahrin's MasterWorkshop

The Power of Surrender - Ciara's Sister Workshop



Writing the Workshop - Sadie Xue

The Mentoring Relationship ~ Sana

Manners, Etiquette, and Protocols at Roissy Val d'Oise ~ Sana

Accessing the Magi of Rituals -  Turrner's Maître Workshop

Good/Bad Dom/Sub -  Kell's Master Workshop

Visual RP -  Nol

One Submissives Journey into Self Bondage -  Juliette

Using Rituals to Enhance our D/s Encounters -  Turrner

Jealousy in a Polyamorous Environment - Mira-Sister Workshop

Punishment -vs- Discipline -  Tessa

Erogenous Foreplay Top-to-bottom - Dash's Master Workshop

Discipline, Punishment & Funishment - the In's & Out's - Malana - Sister Workshop

Bondage and Discipline -  Sting

Collaring Rituals - Syndra's Sister Workshop

The Art of Listening - Raven's Sister Workshop

Negotiation & Consent Violation -  Freelander's Master Workshop

D/s Domination and Submissive -  Sting

Creativity in BDSM -  Jonathon

External and Internal Bondage - Venna's Sister Workshop

Culture Shock -  Corwen's Master Workshop

Mind in a Box -  Nol

Dissecting a Scene - Sassy's Sister Workshop

Toxic Subs and Their Behaviors - Harley's Sister Workshop

 BDSM throughout History - Laerka's Sister Workshop

Effects of the Submissive Path - Sophie's Sister Workshop

How to Serve -  Chips Master Workshop

Love & Jealousy in BDSM, A Dom's Perspective -  Dekegh Master Workshop

Importance of the Initial Serve -  Maxim

The Art of Blowing His Mind - Amaya’s Sister Workshop

VdO Dirty Dancing -  Ayita's Mistress Workshop

Silent Sounds of Surrender -  Cal's Master Workshop

Who’s in charge? -  JacOb's Master Workshop

Spank that bottom! -  Derry Mistress  Workshop

No Sub Shall Be Harmed - Tara's Sister Workshop

Anal Play -  Dark's Master Workshop

Naughty Knots -  Ayita's Maitresse Workshop

Does Size Matter ... The Proteus Effect -  Quiet's Master  Workshop

A New Submissive -  Juliette

The Role of Pain -  Stoney's Master Workshop

Erogenous Foreplay: Top to bottom -  Dash's Maître Workshop

Breast Play - Maverick's Master Workshop

Consent is not a safe word: The legal morass of RL BDSM activity -  JB

Making emotes emotional -  Max

Sensual Impact Play -  Mako's Master Workshop

Transitioning from Monogamy to Poly - Asfridr's Sister Workshop

Polyamory - Can it work -  Llarik's Master Workshop


Building Trust - Annie Weirman

Initiation a Scene -  Marcus

Surviving in a Polyamorous Sim - Sadie, Sister Workshop

Love in the Bdsm World - Facaade, Sister Workshop

The Sound of Silence -  Rain, Master Workshop

Why Do You Spank Me Master? - DiAnna, Sister Workshop

Floggers - Mykal, Master Workshop

Dominance for the nice guy -  Dusty

Role of Fantasy in the BDSM - O Aspirante Xanadu

Humiliation -  Rain

BDSM vs Abuse - Crystals Sister Workshop

Visualization of Pain -  Nol

Fear - Ambri's Sister Workshop

VdO Ethics -  Brenton

TPE- Who Has the Power? -  Rain

Submissive Self Esteem - Susie Asalia's Sister Workshop

Perils and Pitfalls of Coupling in the D/s World -  Garretts Master Workshop

Freedom of Restraint -  Kell's Master Workshop



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